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This page contains miscellaneous links to other basketball programs, resources on youth sports, and reference materials for WBA volunteers. 
Youth Sports
Bob Bigelow, a Winchester native and WBA adviser, is one of the foremost lecturers in the country regarding the needs of children in youth sports, and using common-sense approaches to meet those needs. Bob starred for Chuck Daly at the University of Pennsylvania and was a first round pick in the 1975 NBA draft.
This syllabus is designed to provide WBA coaches with a guide as to how to organize the teaching process
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Winchester Youth Basketball Curriculum 
Grades 3, 4 & 5

Winchester Summer Clinic Procedures

The Role of the Ombudsman
The WBA Board has established an Ombudsman position. The WBA Ombudsman is Bill McCarron. He is neither a coach nor a parent of a WBA player; As such, the Ombudsman is a neutral party.  

The Ombudsman's role includes, among other things, investigating complaints or allegations of misconduct that touch upon the WBA's Rules of Conduct or otherwise involve situations that arise as between members of the WBA community (players, coaches, parents, schools/school employees, opponents, referees, etc.) and, possibly, people from communities with which we compete on the basketball court.  To contact Jeff, click on the Email Me button below.
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